Reimbursement procedure for ldac member organisations

The member organizations of the LDAC will be entitled to request the reimbursement of its travel, accommodation, and subsistence expenses for ONE (1) of their designated representatives because of their attendance at the ordinary meetings of the Working Groups, Executive Committee and General Assembly. These meetings are called for by the Secretariat on behalf of the Chair. To do so, the organization must be up to date with the payment of its annual membership fees. The Secretariat reserves the right to retain any outstanding amount pending of reimbursement until this payment is effectively received within the year.

The terms and conditions and the amount of each of the expenses which are subject to reimbursement are explained in the LDAC rules for reimbursement. The organization representatives must submit any receipts and supporting documents together with the application form via one of the options below (at the members ´choice):

1. LDAC paper application form for reimbursement at LDAC meetings

The form must be downloaded, filled, and duly signed by the designated representative (or appointed official on his/her behalf) and must be scanned and send via post (hard copy) or email (in attachment) together with all supporting documents, invoices and receipts.

2. LDAC online reimbursement form for meetings NEW FUNCTIONNALITY

The participant will fulfil the reimbursement application online and will receive an automatic confirmation of the submission of his/her request as well as a preliminary calculation of the due amounts to be reimbursed based on the country in accordance with the rules of procedure approved and in force.

In both cases, a signed declaration must be completed acknowledging that the participant has not claimed or benefitted of reimbursement for the same trip by other organization. In those cases where expenses are reimbursed for different meetings under a same trip, this must be duly notified in advance to the Secretariat and adjusted accordingly.

Reimbursement procedure for invited experts for the ldac

The experts invited by the LDAC Secretariat to give a presentation or actively participate in a scientific, technical or political discussion over a topic of interest relevant for the meeting, or that contribute with their knowledge to inform the shaping and drafting of future advice and works of the LDAC, might be entitled to reimbursement in analogue conditions to those of the members, subject to prior agreement and signing of an expert contract, in accordance with the stipulations included in the LDAC rules for reimbursement.