LDAC-CFFA Seminar on the role of Fishing Companies with Investments and Operations in Third non-EU Countries: Africa case studies

LDAC-CFFA Seminar on the role of Fishing Companies with Investments and Operations in Third non-EU Countries: Africa case studies


INTRODUCTION: Legal framework and perspective from the EU and Africa 

What do African countries expect from joint ventures in the fisheries sector? (Dr. Huyam Salih, AU IBAR/African Union)

General legal framework for fisheries joint ventures in Africa presentation (Mrs. Diénaba Beye, UN/SRFC)

SESSION I- Identifying good economic, environmental and social practices

Evolution of the regulation of fishing companies in third counties in Spain and the EU and the current situation of their registry (Mr. Francisco Fenández, SGP/Spain)

Presentation of the study on "Estimating the Economic and Social Impact of Joint Ventures" (Fco. Xavier Martínez Cobas, Ardán Chair, Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium/University of Vigo)

- Case study on Indian Ocean: "The role of ALBACORA and tuna in fostering growth in Small Island Developing States and small-scale economies" (Mr. Alfonso Menoyo, Albacora Group)

- Case study on Namibia: "NOVANAM as the backbone of the economy and the development of Luderitz from independence to this day" (Mr. David Troncoso, Nueva Pescanova Group)

- Case study on Mozambique: "PESCAMAR´s contribution to the economic and social development of Beira since 1980" (Mr. David Troncoso, Nueva Pescanova Group)

- Case study on Senegal: "Working together for a better world" (Mr. Roque Serrano, Armadora Pereira)

- Case study on Nigeria: "Investing in Nigerian Shrimp Trawling" (Mr. Stewart Harper, Cornelis Vrolijk Holding BV)

SESSION II: Joint ventures and food security: The case of the small pelagics value chains in West Africa

African fisher´s point of view on joint ventures and synergies with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPAs). General overview (Mr. Gaoussou Gueye, AFRIFISH-Net)

Impact on African women processors (Mrs. Adama Djalo, CAOPA, Guinea Bissau)

The case of EU investments in small pelagics value chain in Mauritania (Mr. Ahmed Babou, Cornelis Vrolijk´s Cap Blank Company)

 SESSION III- Working towards a framework for sustainable joint ventures in African fisheries

Identification of key aspects of governance and good practices in order to establish a solid framework for sustainable investments in African fisheries (Mr. Mohamed Sadiki, COMHAFAT)

- The issue of Level Playing Field in relation to social aspects and working conditions: Recent FAO/ILO/IMO developments concerning IUU-fishing and guidelines for medical examination of fishers (Mr. Ment van der Zwan, Europêche (retired))

Guidelines on the medical examination of fishers

Draft recommendations of JWG FAO/ILO/IMO

Lessons, regarding joint ventures, learned from FAO´s work on access arrangements (Professor Liam Campling, FAO consultant)

What EU Fishing Companies in Third Countries are asking for, and the reasons behind it (Mr. José Ramón Fontán, ANEPAT)


Conclusions of the Seminar


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